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Purim Katan

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Purim Katan: (lit. “Minor Purim”); semi-festive day in the intercalated first month of Adar in a leap year, whose date corresponds to the date in which Purim is actually celebrated that year in the following month of Adar
Contemporary Halachah and Shulchan Aruch
Address to Children, 14 Adar I, 5741 • February 18, 1981
Torah emphasizes the advantage of “smallness”: Jacob was “the small one.” And we are all preparing to greet Moshiach, son of David, and “David is the smallest.” On a leap year we celebrate a ‘Small Purim’ As well as a ‘Small Shushan Purim’.
According to the Jewish calendar, a second month of Adar is added in a leap year. While Purim is usually celebrated in Adar, during a leap year it is postponed until the second Adar, and we mark Purim Katan—“the small Purim”—in the first month.
A rally celebrating Purim Katan. On the Hebrew calendar, a leap year means adding a second month of Adar. Purim is celebrated on the second month, and Purim Katan - the mini Purim, is marked during the first month of Adar.
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