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Value of Life

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Life, purpose and meaning
The philosophers wonder whether life has purpose, while Torah explains that life itself is synonymous with purpose.
No person is “broken” or ready to be discarded. Each of us is valuable, and has a valuable contribution to make to our world.
When Nissi Estrin was born, the doctor told his parents he wouldn't survive to see sunset. Five years later, Nissi continues to defy all medical odds, with an infectious love of life that encourages, warms and inspires. This film “The Impossible Child” wa...
Suddenly, people are talking about the sanctity of life. What does that mean?
Euthanasia in Halacha. An in-depth class on the philosophical background of Judaism's opposition to this practice.
Human life in Judaism is a value that takes precedence over almost every other commandment. This value serves as a foundational principle off of which many medical ethics discussions are built.
The way to measure real value
Historic roots and current directions in bioethics
Leveling a critique at widely accepted principles of medical ethics, Professor Glick argues that medical ethics cannot be based only on biology or philosophy, but on the “sanctity of human life." (A Professor David Sevel Memorial Lecture)
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