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Value of Life

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Enjoy reading these 25 preciously wise principles on how to lead a happier life. And then start to follow them!
This time I know what the situation is. I understand today that which I did not understand years ago. As I board the plane, my dear grandmother is in the hospital, surrounded by her children...
Life After the Loss of a Spouse
How does one reach out to others, to give and to receive, if the very act of waking in the morning causes the pain of realizing one has loved and lost?
An Investment in Eternity
After school, I would journey alone from a world defined by the future to a world that had no future. What would I say to Grandma? How could I tell her that I was making plans for later, for what I would be doing once she was no longer here?
I can recall the day Tova died as if it were yesterday. I was eleven years old, and I had never experienced a loss like that. I was in shock...
Episode 4
An in depth look at real life stories and issues and how to resolve them the Torah way.
Episode 1
An in depth look at real life stories and issues and how to resolve them the Torah way.
My parents say that I was an "accident." Is there any meaning in celebrating the day that I wasn't really supposed to have been born on?
Ours is a culture, after all, where human worth is often measured by the capacity to impersonate a character or to accurately hit, kick or throw a ball... things that may no longer be possible in the confines of a hospital bed under tangles of tubes and m...
Can a human life be assigned a relative "value" based on its quality? And if it can, where does it end?
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