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Value of Life

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We all wish to live a meaningful life. But why are we living? What are we doing in this world? To find the answer to this central question we must look in the very book of life itself – the Torah, which is called Torat Chaim (a living Torah). The word “To...
Sacrifice One Life to Save Many?
Ethics professors often frame this conundrum as a battle between “utilitarianism” and “deontology.” What does Torah say?
I am really struggling with a lot of things in life. Work, dating, you know the drill. Sometimes I get depressed about my shortcomings. I sometimes think I am just a big failure.
This You Call a Dilemma? One night I found myself in discussion with a student who argued that weighing an argument from the perspective of Torah without giving equal credence to chemistry, science and nature is shortsighted. I agreed with him, but insist...
This woman was comforting me because she thought I was crying out of pain, the logical reason to cry after an accident like this. And yet, here I was crying because of the way I would look the next day...
Life, purpose and meaning
The philosophers wonder whether life has purpose, while Torah explains that life itself is synonymous with purpose.
Raising a Severely Brain-Injured Child
I am here with my son, Adin, now seventeen years old. When he was two and a half he choked on a grape, sustaining a severe brain injury as a result of that horrific accident. For twelve years he remained relatively stable, but that all changed two years a...
Our site receives hundreds of letters each week. Among the questions we received recently, one stood out: "I became pregnant a few weeks ago… I already have several small children, and I cannot care for another baby… Can I pray to G‑d to terminate the pre...
Part I: Radical Islam’s Goal of World Domination
As I watched this gripping video, my recurring thought was how a positive ideal could become absolutely evil if distorted from its proper context or taken to too extreme a measure.
No person is “broken” or ready to be discarded. Each of us is valuable, and has a valuable contribution to make to our world.
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