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Space Exploration

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Discover three powerful lessons we can learn from America’s historic Apollo 11 mission – the first crewed landing to the moon.
From inner space to outer space
Gain insight into Torah perspectives on life beyond Earth, the ramifications of unimaginable technological advances, and life in the unexplored depths of ourselves, as seen in the works of the great Jewish thinkers from Maimonides to the Lubavitcher Rebbe...
Everything can teach us a lesson on how to serve G-d better. The same is true about something that happened during one of the Apollo Mission landings
The operation control director of Israel's lunar mission, Alex Friedman, tells the fascinating story of the Israeli Space program.
A fascinating conversation between NASA scientist Professor Velvl Greene and the Rebbe.
Abraham’s mission was to explore the final frontier. Only there would he find his innermost identity. (parsha perks with Dr. Chighel | Lech Lecha)
Rocket scientist Alexander Friedman, the chief engineer for the moon-mission of the Israeli spacecraft “Beresheet”, talks with Mrs. Devorah Shanowitz as the honored guest at Chabad of Wesmount gala in Montreal.
What we learn from the first moon landing.
Seeds of Wisdom
On the importance of constantly seeking to outgrow the notions of religion and Jewish ritual we are left with from our childhood, and upgrade our understanding of faith and practice as we grow older and more mature in our journey through life.
Buckle up for a Chanukah celebration in... Space Shuttle Discovery! Astronaut Jeff Hoffman hosts the celebration courtesy of NASA.
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