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They continued their walk along the water, passing fishing boats, ferry docks and cruise ship ports along the way...
I’m not interested in a heritage of pogroms and persecution and annihilation. I don’t want to hear about all the suffering of the Jews. And why should I have faith in a G-d who allowed my father to abandon me and my mother? And mysticism? A bunch of nonse...
Jewish Vienna
Before the war, there were more than 100 prayer houses and 60 synagogues and the Jewish population hovered around 200,000. More than 65,000 Jews perished, and today the Main or Central synagogue is the only historical synagogue remaining...and yet there a...
Question: I will be away from home for some days of Chanukah. Do I need to light a menorah of my own, or will the menorahs kindled by my wife and kids back home “cover” me as well? Response: Let’s say you would be staying at a Jewish home. Your family bac...
Parshat Vayigash
A collection of laws that pertain to traveling. Studying while traveling, praying while traveling the Traveler’s Prayer, and more.
"It's Sunday, and the cemetery is closed. The man who has the key is out of town." The rabbi paused for a moment and looked at me, "Would you be willing to jump the wall?"
There's lots of warmth in Alaska
I wondered who lives in Anchorage, Alaska, and the eclectic group at the Greenberg's Friday night table answered my question. People just like you and me.
Passover information for the tourist or guest
So you've decided to spend Passover away from home... Here are some tips and halachic guidelines to help you be at home with Passover even while on foreign turf.
Rochel Question: Why is it that Jews give a coin to someone who is traveling? Is the traveler supposed to return the coin when they return? Answer: Our sages tell us "An emissary to do a mitzvah isn't harmed." The exception to this rule is if the emissary...
Yes, there is a prayer recited wherein we ask G‑d to grant us a safe and uneventful journey. Click here for the text of the prayer. See our Traveler's Companion for the laws and customs associated with this brief prayer. Some other tips for drawing specia...
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