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Columbia Shuttle Tragedy

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Israel’s First Astronaut
Remarks by Rabbi Zvi Konikov, director of Chabad of the Space & Treasure Coasts, Florida, at a NASA memorial for the seven astronauts of Columbia STS-107
The Legacy of Ilan Ramon
"Jerusalem, we have a problem!'” Ilan said to me. He wanted to know how to keep Shabbat in space
Ramon's journey is more than just another feel-good story for a country desperate for some good news. Rather it's an inspiring example of one man who senses the importance of Jewish identity
Usually, a person dies, and then their soul shines down on us from heaven. It is rare that a spirit shines down on us from heaven, and then dies
In Ethics of the Fathers our sages teach: "Repent one day before your death." The obvious question is asked: how does one know which day he or she is to die?
There were others who traveled to space, but no one ever carried anything like his kind of baggage. You could say that he took an entire people—3400 years of history included—to the heavens.
Space travel presents its own unique challenges to the Jewish astronaut: How can one procure kosher space food, as well as all the other necessities of Jewish life? How does one face Jerusalem when praying in orbit? However, the greatest challenge of all ...
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