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Tzaddik, The

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Tzaddik, The: A wholly righteous person. In the context of Chabad lliterature, one who has conquered his animal impulses and is filled entirely with love and reverence for G-d.
We recognize a tzadik because there is one within us.
An Essay on Parshat Chukat
What is the significance of the death of a tzaddik? How is the death of the righteous analogous to the laws of the red cow?
An Essay on Noach
Ascending in holiness is not a simple matter. It involves an intrinsic danger, to which Noah fell prey. When one is occupied with a world that is entirely holy, he lives in it alone, and he is liable to forget that there are other people that exist in the...
To understand the concept of prostrating oneself at the graves of tzaddikim: There are severallevels and ways of appreciating the concept of prostrating oneself at a grave. In general, there are five rationales given: a) As stated in the Shulchan Aruch, O...
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