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Tzaddik, The: A wholly righteous person. In the context of Chabad lliterature, one who has conquered his animal impulses and is filled entirely with love and reverence for G-d.
Being human all the way
The tzaddik is a human being like all of us. Because, essentially, all of us are divine.
How Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi discovered a new way to serve G-d
A teaching about the dream of Joseph, invoking the Kabbalistic narrative of the shattered vessels, and using gender to recast the tzaddik's role in the universal hierarchy of the cosmos—with which R. Schneur Zalman’s chassidic path began.
Gate of Reincarnations: Chapter Twenty-One, Section 1
G-d in His love is so concerned about fixing the soul that He always provides a means for its repair.
The difference between the causal usage of the term "tzaddik" and the Alter Rebbe's definition of the word in Tanya.
The power of proximal influence
When the Torah tells us who lived near whom, it’s telling us about t There’s the influence of a rebel rouser and of the scholar…
Question: There is an error on your website. You call the 18th letter of the Hebrew alphabet “tzaddik,” but there is no “k” at the end of its name. Answer: You are correct that the proper name of the letter is “tzadi,” and it has indeed been suggested cal...
Perhaps you’ve approached a therapist or a spiritual mentor for help in creating meaning out of a dark time? It’s refreshing to get help from someone who’s not part of the problem . . .
Is Rabbi Infinity a tzadik? What is a tzadik and how does he fly? How do you become one? And what's so tzadik-like about the 18th letter of the alefbet?
The tzaddik is similar to the Creator. One such similarity is the power of the word: G-d said “let there be light” and there was light, since then all of nature obeys the word of holiness when uttered by a tzaddik.
We've had Nostradamus up to our noses, Bible Codes out of our ears, and every brand of pundit and prophet. Is there anyone out there with some bona fide inside information that'll help me sleep better at night?
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