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Grace After Meals

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Grace After Meals: The blessings of thanksgiving after a meal that included bread
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Zimun (35)
The mitzvah of Birkat Hamazon on five levels
Learn enlightening layers of meaning and insights behind the after-blessing (known as Grace After Meal) recited after eating bread.
Practical Parshah - Eikev
"When you eat and have been satisfied, you shall bless." The laws of reciting grace.
How to recite the blessing after a meal of bread (on weekdays as well as Shabbat.)
The origin and power of blessings
How the name Jew ('yehudi') reflects our very character
Structure of the Grace After Meals
What is the order in which the paragraphs of the Grace After Meals must be recited? The Talmud discusses the structure of this lengthy blessing and also asks, parenthetically, how we know that we are also required to make blessings before eating as well.
Who Composed the Grace After Meals?
The Talmud chronicles the evolving text of the Grace After Meals, beginning with Moses who composed the first paragraph and continuing through the generations as different Jewish leaders and sages instituted additional paragraphs.
Table Manners
An interesting conversation between two of the sages reveals key principles in establishing proper etiquette at the meal.
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