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Grace After Meals

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Grace After Meals: The blessings of thanksgiving after a meal that included bread
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In Hebrew it is known as Birkat HaMazon; in Yiddish it is called “bentching.” It is the Grace After Meals recited after eating bread.
The English and Hebrew texts for the Grace After Meals (birkat hamazon), and the other blessings recited after eating food.
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Learn enlightening layers of meaning and insights behind the after-blessing (known as Grace After Meal) recited after eating bread.
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"When you eat and have been satisfied, you shall bless." The laws of reciting grace.
How to recite the blessing after a meal of bread (on weekdays as well as Shabbat.)
The primary focus of our interactions with others should be to ensure that they have food to eat and to welcome them to our tables.
Blessings for After a Meal of Bread (Sefardic Pronunciation)
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