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Cleaning for Passover

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Who is this chametz guy, and how do I get rid of him?
Problem is, our homes are infested with the stuff. That’s why we go on a full search-and-destroy mission during the weeks before Passover. We attack any and all areas where food may enter . . .
I am a student rooming in an apartment with another Jewish girl. Though neither of us is religious, I decided that I'd really like to be kosher for Passover this year, but my roommate is up in arms about having to do an intense cleaning...
I am trying to prepare my home for the holiday of Passover but with three very young children, I find time to be so scarce! Do you have any practical suggestions on how I can include my children in my holiday preparations?
Though most of the mitzvot were transmitted at Sinai, a select few were given beforehand. They were yet in Egypt when they received their first mitzvah: it’s time to establish a new calendar!
Cleaning for Passover with Young Children
I think if there is anything more nerve-racking than cleaning for Passover, it is cleaning for Passover with small children . . .
Part 1
What is considered Chometz; and how to best rid of it from our homes? And other Passover laws.
The denial of Judaism to a Jew is the equivalent of dumping a fish onto the beach; it might give the impression of independent existence, might even flop around for a while in an uninhibited manner, but you call that living?
Attic, Arts ’n’ crafts, Basement, Bedroom, Bed, Bed frame, Behind furniture, Bookcase, Books, Breadbox, Briefcase, Buffet . . . Windowsills, Woodwork, Yard . . . Also printable in PDF form!
The thought first occurred to me in the throes of pre-Passover cleaning: What an incredibly easy religion. I don't say it aloud; to do so would elicit hostile stares from all the exhausted people in the room
a Letter from Jerusalem
The philosophical conclusion of quantum physics is that physical reality is determined by a human observer. Halachah (Torah law) requires me to check every corner of my home for pretzel crumbs. Corrective observation
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