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Mission in Life, A Person's

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Like many in my generation, I went looking for truth in Buddhism, meditation, Tarot cards, and "mind-expanding" drugs. What I found left me adrift and afraid, anchored only in cynicism, an Italian boyfriend, and far too much wine...
“Sir, you have a first-class ticket,” said the conductor. “Why you are lying under a bench in a third-class car?”
The Rebbe sat in a state of d'veikut for a long while. Then lifted his head and said with great feeling: "You speak of all that you need. But you say nothing of what you are are needed for"
Once upon a time there was a poor man who heard about a faraway land where diamonds were as plentiful as dust -- one need only bend down and fill one's pockets
I returned to my compartment in a state of confusion. The last thing I had expected from the Rebbe was a business tip
“Fools!” cried the coachman. “Do you think that I gave you to drink so that the hay you devour should be more tasty?”
G-d is always there to breathe life into my soul and to help revive my connection to Him and our Torah.
Although my life appears to be headed in a great direction, I feel more and more like I am getting lost.
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