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42 Encampments, The

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The Jews of the desert may have remained relatively undisturbed for years at a stretch, but they had no way of knowing, from one day to the next, how long they could expect to stay where they were.
The following are the journeys of the children of Israel by which they left the land of Egypt, in their regiments, by the hand of Moshe and Aharon. Classic Questions Are these journeys not already documented? (v. 1ff) Rashi: Why were these journeys writte...
Our forty-year desert sojourn is a metaphor for our long national history of wandering. It also infuses us with hope and purpose.
A smoker once told me that quitting was dead easy; he personally had stopped dozens of times...
The answer is easy: 42. It's the question that's more difficult to ascertain.
Three aspects of tzimtzum
There was only one journey which actually took the Jewish nation out of Egypt: their journey from Ramases to Sukkot. Why, then, does the Torah speak of 42 journeys of "the children of Israel going out of the land of Mitzrayim"?
This thing about the Jews “wandering” through the desert is a misconception. They were no more wandering through the desert than a spelling bee champion wanders through the alphabet.
This week: "We have just completed two stages. I have been selected to play for the team, and my team has been selected to play in the tournament. Now we are starting again, as we have to climb the next mountain..."
What is so remarkable about the timing of Aaron's yahrtzeit that it merits explicit mention in the Torah?
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