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42 Encampments, The

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The Jews of the desert may have remained relatively undisturbed for years at a stretch, but they had no way of knowing, from one day to the next, how long they could expect to stay where they were.
We were separated from the group, and found ourselves paddling somewhat aimlessly down little back areas replete with lilies, and no visible dry land. A deep fear overtook me...
Why did Moshe ask that police officers attend the meeting he called with the elders just before his passing? The foresight of a wise leader.
Rashi cites two views concerning where the Torah scroll that Moshe wrote was placed: It was either in the Ark, or on a shelf attached to its side. Neither explanation is found to be imperfect.
"Moshe went, and he spoke the following words to all Israel." Where did Moshe go, and why were all of Israel there? Rashi says nothing to clarify.
Rashi tells us that the Jewish people resolved not to let Moses, "the man who brought us out of Egypt, …split the Reed Sea for us, …brought the manna down for us, [and] gave us the Torah," die. How can we understand this righteous generation opposing G‑d'...
Isn't it obvious that if "I cause death and I bring to life" then "I inure and I heal"? Rashi remains silent on this question, but his comments in an earlier parshah allow us to gain insight into what this verse is really telling us.
G-d's benevolence seems to be lacking. When the Jewish people are undeserving, a thousand Jews will be pursued from a single enemy soldier. Yet when they are blessed to prevail over their enemies, the same ratio does not apply. Only twenty enemy soldiers ...
According to Rashi, the words "Ascribe greatness to our G‑d" teach us to say "Blessed be the name of his glorious Kingdom" after a blessing recited in the Holy Temple. How does Rashi know this?
Why did Rashi deem it necessary to define the terms "judges" and "police officers"?
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