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Synagogue, The

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At almost every function I attend, a wedding, kid's birthday party or communal gathering, someone comes up to me and says, "Rabbi, do you know why I don't go to synagogue...."
I go jogging every Friday afternoon and often pass your synagogue. I see you are getting some nice crowds. To be honest I don't see why people go to services every single Shabbat.
Is it true that there is no mention of the synagogue in the Torah? It’s hard to imagine “Judaism”—at least as we know it today—without synagogues!
The common assumption is that spirituality and sensuality are mutually exclusive. Who says? Sensuality is not something we are meant to kill. It lies at the core of human spirituality--even of...
Why do men and women sit separately at traditional Jewish services?
What you’re really asking is: If G‑d is everywhere, why should prayer be more effective in one place than another? In truth, the same can be asked regarding praying in a synagogue vs. praying at home . . .
The parochet on the aron kodesh
Ever wondered why the ark in your synagogue has two coverings – a door and a curtain?
The placement of the Shul Bimah
Question: I just attended a synagogue for a bar mitzvah, and I was surprised to see that the podium where the Torah is read is in the center of the sanctuary, facing forward. In the synagogue where I grew up, it was in the front. Does it make a difference...
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