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Numbers; Counting

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There are times when we must wage an external battle, and there are times when we must safeguard our internal treasures . . .
The Torah reading of Bamidbar begins with G-d telling Moshe that he and his brother Aharon, the Kohen Gadol (High Priest), were to tally the number of the Jewish people.Bamidbar 1:1-3. The verse goes on to stateIbid., verses 48, 49. that G-d told Moshe “n...
Our Sidra opens with G‑d’s command that a census be taken of the Israelites. In fact, there were three such counts taken in the first thirteen months following the exodus from Egypt. What is the spiritual significance of the counting ordained by G‑d? Why ...
“My children are constantly fighting with each other,” laments Susan, a mother of three. “Will there ever be peace in my home?”
There are 50 Gates of Understanding. Then there is Purim.
Letter No. 149:
This letter is addressed to Rabbi Avraham Eliyahu Axelrod, an active communal Rabbi in Baltimore. B”H, Erev Pesach, 5704 Greetings and blessings, I received your two letters concerning the sacred texts from the estate of [Mr.] Neuhaussen. I immediately no...
Letter No. 180:
This letter was addressed to the directorate of Collel Chabad and in particular, to R. Shlomo Yehudah Leib Aliazarof, the head of the Collel. B”H, 26 Teves, 5705, Brooklyn Greetings and blessings, Your letter of 3 Kislev reached me. Thank G‑d, the health ...
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