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Numbers; Counting

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Today I encountered a most bizarre situation. I passed by a synagogue and someone asked me to join the prayer service. Right before the prayer service began, a person standing next to me pointed his finger at each person in the room and muttered some word...
One symbolizes unity, agreement, simplicity. When something exists alone, nothing disturbs it. It remains completely at peace, without regard for anything else. Two symbolizes duality, tension and complexity. The number three symbolizes a harmony that inc...
And ten instances in Jewish tradition where 70 is significant
It appears several times in the Torah: seventy elders of the Jewish nation, seventy languages and nations of the world, and seventy members of Jacob's family.
The earliest known source for specifically going around seven times is Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, the Arizal (1534-1572). But he provides no source.
Question: I once heard that there is a certain amount of blessings we should attempt to say each day. How many is it, and what is the source of this idea? Answer: There is indeed such a teaching. We are to recite 100 blessings each day. The Talmud Menacho...
In kabbalistic teachings, the number seven symbolizes perfection – perfection that is achievable via natural means – while eight symbolizes that which is beyond nature and its (inherently limited) perfection. Some examples: a) G‑d created the world and it...
The significance of the number forty
After the Giving of the Torah, Moses went up Mount Sinai for 40 days. What’s up with the number 40?
The Midrash connects the seven days of Passover to the seven days of the week. But, why?
Did you know that mourning for seven days is an ancient custom that predates the giving of the Torah? Learn all about it here.
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