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Kipah (Head Covering), The

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Kipah (Head Covering), The: (lit. dome; Yiddish: yarmulkeh) Skullcap. The head covering worn by Jewish men symbolizing recognition of G-d above.
Are you proud of what you're wearing on your head?
Gefilte Fish stars in this animated cartoon about his early years when he lived in the ocean
Jonathan gets a new pet: a giant talking gefilte fish! Hilarity ensues.
Contemporary Halachah from Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
Rabbi Kadoozy answers an e-mail about wearing a kipah and shows us a commercial he once made for yarmulkes... or cereal. Watch and decide for yourself.
Trying to Track a Victim's Identity
A soldier discovers a yarmulka among the rubble at Ground Zero and brings it to Col. Goldstein.
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