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Minhag (Jewish Custom)

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Minhag (Jewish Custom): Jewish custom or tradition.
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Question: Can you explain why laws never seem to revert back to their original form? For example, some holidays are two days outside of Israel because of the difficulty with keeping time hundreds of years ago, which has since been resolved. Answer: Simply...
"I love my wife," said Berl. "That's why I do everything she asks me to do. She says, 'Berl, please take out the garbage,' and right away, I take out the garbage." We all agreed that Berl loves his wife.
Timely rules, regulations, and traditional observances related to the Jewish holidays and special times on our unique calendar. This series endeavors to trace customs back to their early sources, probe the philosophical jurisprudence associated therein an...
Can you see a time when all Jews will follow the same customs?
This class discusses the special importance in observing minhagim - Jewish customs.
Question: I see in my in Chabad haggadah that the order of the Four Questions is different than in the “standard” haggadah text. Whereas at all the Seders I’ve attended the first question is about eating matzah, the Chabad haggadah has the dipping questio...
I find it interesting that when we do have an explanation for a particular custom, there's usually more than one reason. And when we don't have a reason, we nevertheless continue with the tradition...
Differing customs reflect the multiplicity of ways of relating to G‑d that characterize our people.
Jonathan gets a new pet: a giant talking gefilte fish! Hilarity ensues.
The kipah of the religious Jew versus the head-covering of the utilitarianist philosopher
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