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Unity; Oneness

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Was anything accomplished? Is there any point in agreeing on a goal, if there is no consensus regarding its implementation?
You go about your life. Eating algae. Hanging out in your school. Running away from sharks. The usual. Your fins start to get tired, though. Your tiny little fish brain feels like it has potential for so much more.
One very cold, very dark evening in the middle of a particularly brutal Canadian winter, five women huddled around a dining room table, animatedly discussing and planning, sharing a dream and a vision.
When a hurricane approaches, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how big your house is, it matters how many batteries and flashlights and non-perishable food are in your closets. A hurricane is a great equalizer . . .
Judaism doesn’t allow us to be alone. Not in our time of joy, and not in our time of pain. We are a community. We are one people, with all of our differences...
"If you want to make it with people," Prager said, "don't talk to them about their work or politics. Speak about their hobbies and their families."
They sat in the congressional chamber that is divided down the middle by an aisle. And providing easy access to the restrooms is not the primary function of this passageway... Defeating the people on the other side of the aisle – and the ideas they repres...
By Cindy Lutz Kornet
Artist’s Statement: My inspiration comes from nature and spirit. It is my hope to reflect light on the human condition and create art that is hopeful, growth-oriented and life affirming. Through trial and error, colors, balance, figures or symbols appear,...
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