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Dealing with Anti-Semitism
I didn’t know what he wanted. Confused, I didn’t answer. In its niche at the back of my mind, the horrible truth wriggled and stretched. People don’t like Jews, my darling...
Visiting the Concentration Camps
The bus drove by a group of schoolchildren. These children wore jeans, colored sweatshirts, sneakers—they looked like "real kids." My eyes met those of the little boy nearest the bus. I smiled at him, waving. The little boy raised his arm and pointed. "Zy...
How a young woman in the Soviet Union discovers her soul
Every day brought new torment. Katya sat at her desk in the classroom, alone, isolated and shunned. She never cried, though. She didn’t cry when they chased her, or threw stones at her, or struck her with their backpacks.
The squire asked Shmuel to bring the priceless diamond he had inherited from his parents. All the guests waited breathlessly to behold this rare, precious gem . . .
I tried to outrun my enemy the other day. He had been hidden within the words of a trusted friend, ambushing me when I'd least expected it...
My eleven-year-old son came running into the house, crying hysterically, “A gangster PUSHED Tatty!” His face was bleeding so profusely that blood was dripping from his beard.
Ivan Stepanovich stood on the platform, looking forward to Eliezer Paltiel’s trial the next day. This time, he felt certain he would be rid of the rich Jew once and for all. Afterwards, the Jew’s guilt could easily be used to incite a pogrom that would be...
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