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Love of G-d (135)
Arousing emotion in our spiritual life
Join in the study of Tanya, the foundational book of Chassidic teaching, which guides us in our spiritual journey and relationship with G-d.
A Journey Through Tanya, Lesson 8
This lesson contrasts the unique contributions of action and intent in the Jew’s service of G-d, and explores why is it so critical to develop inner emotions like awe and respect for G-d. (covering chapters 38-41)
On this miserable morning, I stand before G‑d hungry and unwashed, undignified and unadorned, overwhelmed with the memory of countless holocausts unique to the people of His covenant . . .
Kabbalah reveals who is the true King of the Purim story.
Kabbalah reveals who is the true King of the Purim story.
Sefirat HaOmer, Part I
We complain about not having the time or headspace to really tackle what matters most. But that’s a ruse. Deep down, avoiding our key tasks cuts us the psychic slack of being able to tell ourselves that we haven’t yet undertaken the mission, so there’s st...
Our recovery proves two things: G-d's power and G-d's love. His power: That He performed the miraculous, saving us from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. And his Love: That He did it for us, His children.
Question: It wasn't that long ago that I was a G‑d fearing person who kept every last mitzvah. But over the past two to three years, slowly but surely, the fear of G‑d that was once instilled in me like a rock dissipated. Shabbat has fallen apart for me. ...
Other religions are based on a philosophy; their codes of conduct a direct consequence of their belief system. Judaism, however, is based on a Torah which is principally a book of rules. Jewish philosophy developed afterwards, and is based on the interpre...
Just as education is meant to last a lifetime, the methods used to educate children should also remain with them for the duration of their adulthood.
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