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Animal Soul & G-dly Soul

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Part Two in a Kabbalistic SciFi Fantasy Series
Click Here If You Missed Part I Without a job, I had a choice between hanging out with friends in the city or jogging in the canyon alone. More and more, I found myself doing the jog. There was always this expectation I would spot Hi’s frail but sprightly...
A Journey Through Tanya, Lesson 2
What is the true nature of the human condition, and what is the inner makeup of the Jew? How are we to understand the reality of a soul, and what is the unique persona, faculties and expressions of the soul? (covering chapters 1-4)
It is my Bar Mitzvah this week. I was told this means I am becoming a man. My mother doesn't think so. So, who's right?
A World Cup Lesson
What is your objective? What will make all the sweat, strained muscles and endless hours in the gym worthwhile?
How to steal, while ensuring that you are not likewise victimized
Deep, deep down lays the soul's oil well. When tapped, it has the ability to provide ample fuel and illumination for the entire world. But what happens when the oil isn't properly channeled? When the oil rig explodes?
Why do we first eat matzah on its own, followed by plain maror and only then the matzah-maror sandwich? Isn't that a bit like sampling bread and peanut butter separately and only then putting them together?
As I am sure you can imagine, there are so many ways of understanding these verses where each word is laden with meaning. The key here is that man was created once, but we are told about it twice, once as part of the Six Days of Creation, and once again. ...
My Jewish friends are mostly indifferent or even hostile towards their own religion, while I love Judaism and strongly desire to become a Jew. Then this rabbi tells me that “Judaism is not for you”?!
Put your hand on the back of your head. In Hebrew, this area is called the oref, it is where our reptilian brain resides...
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