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Annual Torah Reading Cycle, The

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Annual Torah Reading Cycle, The: The public reading of passages from the Torah scroll as a component of certain congregational services.
V'Zot HaBerachah Parshah Report
The members of the Itche Kadoozy Show team cope with the end of the Parshah Report
Question: Why do we read the Torah reading that discusses the Exodus some three months before Passover? Why doesn't the reading coincide with the festival that commemorates the event? Answer: If we would try to synchronize the reading of the parshiot (wee...
This all got me thinking. Does Judaism, a results-oriented way of life, allow for celebrating good intentions? The answer was not long in coming...
The Ten Commandments are read from the Torah during the morning service of the first day of Shavuot - the holiday which commemorates the date on which G‑d spoke the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are also read from the Torah on the Shabbats when w...
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