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Chassidism: (a) The movement within Judaism founded by Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov (1698-1760), stressing service of G-d through the mystical in addition to the legalistic dimension of Judaism, the power of joy, love of G-d and one's fellow, emotional involvement in prayer, finding G-dliness in every aspect of one's existence, and the elevation of the material universe; (b) the teachings and philosophy of this movement; see also Chabad
Discover the special innovation of Chassidus, beyond mysticism, in a variety of areas of Jewish theology, philosophy and practice. Rabbi Paltiel illustrates many of these fresh perspectives through story and anecdote.
What is Kabbalah and why was this mystical science popularized so recently?
Rabbi Paltiel shares profound inspiration from Chassidic teachings for making spirituality practical in our lives.
The Rebbe probes the unifying theme in all areas and levels of Torah study, from the legal to the mystical, the heavenly to the earthly, demonstrating the common thread running through different dimensions of Torah wisdom. This class studies a talk of the...
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