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Kabbalah: (lit. “received tradition”) the body of Jewish mystical teachings, the central text of which is the Zohar
Rabbi Yisrael Rice incorporates eternal wisdom and practical life lessons
It’s not often that an author hides such a wide-ranging and impressive work behind a title as simple and unassuming as “The Four Keys of Kabbalah” by Rabbi Yisrael M. Rice, longtime Chabad emissary to Marin County in Northern California. Couching Kabbalis...
The longtime Yeshiva University leader, who died at 92, placed Chassidic thought at center of his ‘centrist’ project
An appreciation that reflects on Lamm’s personal reception of Chassidism’s living heritage, the place of Chassidism in his scholarly work, his engagement with Chassidism in the fashioning of his famous derashot (sermons), and on Chassidism as his preferre...
Relishing a joyful holiday with something for everyone in honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
As I write, my shoulders are sagging and my knees are aching. We just spent an intense four hours out in the sun (warm for the first time this year) enjoying a Lag BaOmer celebration that we will remember for a long time. We started out from home around 3...
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