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Kabbalah: (lit. “received tradition”) the body of Jewish mystical teachings, the central text of which is the Zohar
“Why is it that we learn Chassidic teachings, which take such pains to describe the spiritual realms?” asked Rabbi Nechemiah of Dubrovna. “We don’t really understand what’s described there. And when Moshiach will arrive, those that didn’t ever delve into ...
Following the Baal Shem Tov’s directions, Rabbi Chaim led Moshe Meshel and the coach driver to a clearing among the trees that seemed to be a ruin of some sort, with the remnants of a number of buildings . . .
“Fools!” cried the coachman. “Do you think that I gave you to drink so that the hay you devour should be more tasty?”
“Fundraising for bribes?” objected Rabbi Baruch. “Surely the matter can be dealt with in a more elevated way. Could you not teach our Jews the ‘echad’ of my holy grandfather?”
One day, the neighborhood butcher came to the study of Rabbi Pinchas Horowitz (1730-1805), the famed rabbi of Frankfurt, with an halachic query...
A tall thin man, wrapped in a black cloak, suddenly appeared at the open door. He looked silently around the room, walked to a corner and just stood there, staring at the Baal Shem Tov
The year that followed was truly a year of miracles, not the least of which was a visit by Elijah the Prophet
Little Isaac was only ten years old, but was already the man of the house. His father, Yosseleh, had recently passed away, and his mother Reizel desperately needed him to help support the family. She took whatever meager work was available to her, while l...
How the son-in-law of the Baal Shen Tov ended up on a remote island and accomplished something very important
How were the poor wretches supposed to raise money from the confinement of their prison cells?
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