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It seems to me that Republican Scott Brown's stunning victory in the Massachusetts special election has the potential to be a positive watershed moment for Mr. Obama's administration.
Two stories caught my eye this past week: New York City's Madison Square Garden recently hosted the 132nd annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Dog owners from around the world came to exhibit their purebred pooches. In what is considered by many to be...
No one likes being criticized, blamed, or belittled for their behavior, especially in marriage, where close daily contact necessitates a high level of sensitivity and understanding.
"It is so hard to have a bully in my class," my son tells me. His expression is so sad; but I am even more saddened that at the young age of ten, he has already come to accept bullying as an unchangeable fact of life.
Together with many of my coworkers, I huddled around the computer screen watching as President Obama took the oath of office and delivered his inaugural address. One thing, however, was gnawing at me, yet I couldn't put my finger on it. Then it hit me...
A Letter from the Trenches
I will never understand, Father. Why can't the world be simple? Why do we need to fight for our souls? Why can't the good side get along with the... other side?
An event that would have normally elicited from me a sigh and a few moments of thought is now consuming me. It's not "numbers" of casualties; it's real people with real faces...
Why remain in a bitter tug of war that is straining your relationship and distancing you further, when an apology could easily make things right? Because the hardest words to utter are "I'm sorry, I made a mistake."
Allow me to introduce you to Mrs. M. She's one of those holier-than-thou individuals. She's condescending and manipulative yet portrays herself as the poor victim. Mrs. M. lives in her own self-absorbed, self-centered orbit and can never find any compromi...
I am able to write what I wouldn’t have the patience to say. I definitely believe that when we least feel like saying “I love you” is exactly when it needs to be heard the most...
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