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In lieu of commentary, I'd like to contrast this decision with the way Jewish law handles post-conviction exoneration...
What is motivating these people to be so utterly insensitive to the destruction they are wreaking? And why are they turning the gun on themselves? As a society, where have we gone wrong?
Perhaps the biggest question this tragic story raises is about Jaycee herself: Why didn't she run away?
Do you think I am naïve for believing that secular jurists will issue a legal decision on a purely religious matter? Think again. This past Thursday, the California Supreme Court did just that...
Growing up, my husband dreamed of riding in the Tour de France. He trained for years, investing hours a day, with an incredible focus and dedication. He rode against the best. He lost against the best. And then, in the final race which would determine who...
Stick Figure Vignette: Parshat Shoftim
Three little judges deliberate a case.
It is so easy to want to throw out anything that was ever associated with him. To burn it and leave nothing left. But I can’t. You see, so much of who I am is because of him...
Isn't encouragement of vengeance precisely what the City of Refuge system does? Doesn't the American system do a better job of dealing with such a sad episode, discouraging vigilante justice?
Perjury is in the news again. In the aftermath of the Baseball Steroids Debacle, Congress is now asking the Justice Department to investigate whether a certain star player lied under oath during the course of a congressional hearing on the matter. If conv...
Shouldn't G‑d be held accountable for all the suffering that He is aware of, and certainly is in the position to ameliorate? G‑d should be required to answer for His "missteps"—at least as they impact our lives!
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