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Men love toys. So, it was no surprise to me when my husband returned home one day with the latest gadget, claiming it was vital for the enhancement of the quality of our life
We have lost an important instrument for the building of the Temple.
We have lost an important instrument for the building of the Temple.
Question: Recently, we stopped watching TV on Shabbat. Now my friends are telling me that TV has no place in a Jewish home. I think it behooves a Jew to be abreast of world events, and what better source than the television? Can we really remove ourselves...
Torah values and today’s headlines
Are guns the problem, or the solution? Do we need more gun rights, or more gun control? Learn a Torah-based perspective on this controversial issue.
I am all for teaching a lesson that leaves a lasting impression and shows the child that there are consequences for irresponsible behavior. But that lesson should be one that comes from love, and ultimately teaches the child how to love . . .
When Steve Jobs gave his commencement speech at Stanford University, his topic was “How to Live Before You Die.” Since most of us have no idea how much time we have left on this earth, we live as if it is endless. Steve Jobs wasn’t so fortunate. His time,...
Why do we play with a bow and arrow on the Jewish holiday of Lag BaOmer?
It took me a while to settle on using the ladder/prayer imagery for this week. I kept on fighting it because… well, honestly, I’m not very good at praying. But eventually time ran out and the ladder was the best shot I had. So I decided to animate what I ...
As fate should have it our stereo system broke on us this past week. Unfortunately, this time Anton, our trusty mechanic, told us that it wasn't one of those quick fix situations...
In order to conquer and affect the world around us we must first move inwards...
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