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Physical World, The

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For campers at the Chabad-Lubavitch Camp Gan Israel on South Padre Island, learning about Judaism during sixteen action-packed days on the island was even more meaningful than the bountiful water sports. The camp welcomed kids from across the dry expanse ...
There are more insects in the world than any other kind of animal species. In fact, 95% of the species in the world are insects! Learn all about these small creatures, and the lessons they teach us.
Turtles, frogs, crocodiles and alligators -- what can we learn from our amphibian and reptile friends? Find this out, along with fascinating facts, information and videos about these "coldblooded" creatures.
Interesting facts, information, pictures and videos of our feathered friends. Read also the "Jewish spin" on fowl-life--the lessons we can learn from the creatures that fly in the sky.
Giraffes, leopards, and the ape family. Watch videos of these animals, learning interesting facts about how they lead their lives, and learn Jewish lessons from all of G-d's creatures...
Artist’s Statement: We pray for rain to water our souls. Working together, breaking barriers to reveal the spirituality, then building vessels with the broken pieces, will enable us to catch the blessings from Above.
By Rivka Cyprys
Artist’s Statement: Now, more than ever, we see darkness fill our world. But fighting darkness is a tough battle which leaves darkness within. Despair. Yet a little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness. Don't fight darkness, just add light.
By Shoshanah Brombacher
Artist’s Statement: Said the Sassover Rebbe: "Whoever has not one hour for himself, he is not a mentsh, not human." This is very true for busy New Yorkers and others. Dedicate at least one hour a day to being a mentsh and doing a mitzvah, a kindness, or s...
By Rivka Cyprys
Artist’s Statement: All of the tragedies we’ve been facing, including the terrorist attacks all over the world that aim to instill fear in our hearts, and grief in our souls, have me wondering—what is all this darkness that is trying to suffocate the ligh...
By Yitzchok Moully
Artist's Statement: A little light dispels darkness. Joy and dancing create inner light. Grab a friend and dance, and watch your darkness melt away.
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