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Question: In Genesis it says that Adam named all the animals. My question is: If you translate the Hebrew literally, does it mean that Adam named the species—i.e., dog, cat, lion, etc.—or did he give them each personal names—i.e., Spot, Fluffy, etc.? Or d...
Really! Have you ever heard of carbon dating? Aren't there stars a millions light years away? Have you ever heard the word "dinosaurs"?
"Creation" (beriah, in the Hebrew), which means bringing something into being out of a prior state of non-existence, implies a "before" and "after"; so to say that G-d created anything is also to say that He first (or simultaneously) created time...
What is time? And if we understood what time is—and what are the “windows” of timelessness within our existence—what practical difference would this make in our lives?
On that busy Friday afternoon, G‑d taught us something about time and the importance of its management; every moment has an exclusive energy to be utilized, and a purpose for which it alone was created.
"In the beginning G‑d created the heavens and the earth..." seems an obvious opening line. What could be more natural than to begin at The Beginning? Yet many of the commentaries question that very premise
England: Picts, Romans, Saxons, Normans... America: The Native Americans, Spanish, French, English, Hollywood... Why is the fight for the Land of Israel different from all other conquests?
A wealthy man had three sons, and was uncertain as to which one he should entrust his business. So he devised a test. He took his three sons to a room which was absolutely empty and he said to them, "Fill this room as best as you are able..."
A Kabbalistic interpretation of the first four verses of Bereishit
Light is the initial instance of matter, the first true creation...
Dear Rabbi, I was talking to a friend about the creation story in the Torah, and he made mention of four rivers that extend out of the Garden of Eden. Do these rivers really exist, and if they do, do we know their exact location? If so, can we use the loc...
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