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The Jews of the desert may have remained relatively undisturbed for years at a stretch, but they had no way of knowing, from one day to the next, how long they could expect to stay where they were.
It took 42 stages for the Jews to get from Egypt to Israel within a period of 40 years. Each stage of the journey was determined exclusively by Divine decree—the cloud that hovered over the Jewish camp began to move on when they were required to relocate....
There was only one journey which actually took the Jewish nation out of Egypt: their journey from Ramases to Sukkot. Why, then, does the Torah speak of 42 journeys of "the children of Israel going out of the land of Mitzrayim"?
You should rid the Land (of its inhabitants and then) you should settle in it, for I have given you the Land to occupy it. Classic Questions What does verse 53 teach us? Rashi: "You shall rid the Land"—you should rid it of its inhabitants, and then: ...
Classic Questions Why does the Torah specify the borders of the Land here? (v. 2ff) Rashi: Since many mitzvos are practiced in the Land [of Israel] and do not apply outside the Land, it was necessary for scripture to chart the outer limits of its boundari...
Life is a journey with stations along the way, some more comfortable than others. But when we settle in to those more comfortable stations, we may forget that we haven’t yet reached our destination.
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