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Unfortunately, moods can sometimes infringe on our relationship with G‑d, and with our fellows as well. “I am just not in the mood for prayer,” “I am not in the mood for my kids,” “I am in the mood of wasting five hours of my life surfing the Web . . .”
The thanksgiving offering was brought to thank G‑d for only four occurrences. Interestingly, they all are connected to the Exodus from Egypt.
Advice to ministers, counselors and advisors: change your clothes
While the concept of giving thanks is important among human beings, it is also central in our relationship with G-d.
Spiritual gluttony is no less selfish than the physical sort, and one who focuses solely on self-realization and self-fulfillment -- be it in the most positive and lofty sense -- is turning his Holy Temple inside out
If it is important, do it now. And if it is sacred, carry on doing it forever
In his Likkutei Torah Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi explains that the altar represents the heart. Corresponding to the two altars of the Sanctuary, the outer and the inner, are the outer and inner levels of the heart, its surface personality and its essen...
For the haftarah of Tzav, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
The haftarah for Tzav is from the book of Jeremiah. It begins with a rebuke to the Jewish people for not doing their sacrifices with sincerity, especially the olah (burnt offering). The prophet also chastises the people for not listening to G‑d or doing w...
What is the significance of lifting and removing the ashes? Why is it so important that it’s the first ritual performed in the Temple, the first step in the service of G-d?
The stone was too big for him to move by himself and he could not afford to hire laborers to help him to move it. He saw a vision in which G-d told him: Push it with your little finger...
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