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I was going to a funeral. My wife was headed to a sibling’s wedding. On the very same flight!
Why the Torah tells us to distance ourselves from lies
What’s so terrible, anyway? It’s not as if I was intending to harm anyone. Just a little white lie for short-term gain, with no obvious pain to come.
Can Cooking be an Un-Kosher Act?
Did you know that G-d would rather you cooked pork chops than a cheeseburger? That’s right. There is no biblical injunction against cooking pork—although eating it is absolutely forbidden... But it is forbidden to even cook meat together with milk.
The law of the "Four Guardians" as a model for the duties and priviliges of life
In this week's parshah, the Jewish people tell Moses, "All that G-d has spoken, we will do, and we will hear." The greatness of the people of Israel was not that they were prepared to blindly follow G-d's bidding without any understanding. If this were th...
How do I demonstrate proper gratitude for the gifts with which I have been endowed?
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