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Minyan, The

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The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 2
The various advantages of praying alone and with a group.
A fascinating discussion on the considerations and halachic guidelines for safely returning to synagogue following the pandemic.
The power of praying together as a community, the prohibition against tattoos, and the custom of visiting and praying at a cemetery.
Itche and Jono try to build up the congregation by helping a guy fulfill his pledge to pray with a group of ten.
The Talmud deduces from the narrative of the spies that ten men constitute a congregation, thus the minyan which is used for specific sacred rituals. Why is it derived from the erring spies?
How Many Make a Quorum?
A quorum for prayer (a minyan) is ten. What is the source for the idea that the group recitation of Grace After Meals requires only three people? The Talmud examines the Scriptural verse (Psalms 34:4) which says: Declare the greatness of the Lord with me,...
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