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Minyan, The

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“By the sanction of the Almighty,” Rabbi Leib intoned, “and by the sanction of the congregation, . . . we declare it permissible to pray together with those who have sinned . . .”
Prayer is referred to as “the service of the heart,” and is one of the many ways that we express love of G‑d. Although one may pray in private, praying with a congregation is considered preferable. Every effort should be made to join a congregation in pra...
The Jews of the settlement began to feel desperate, and busy as they were, they scattered towards all the main roads, hoping against hope that even at this late hour a miracle would happen and they would find a tenth Jew...
“Wait!” I say, after sipping a warm glass of tea. (The lemon helped.) “I’ll have my minyan—and then some.”
The power of praying together as a community, the prohibition against tattoos, and the custom of visiting and praying at a cemetery.
Itche and Jono try to build up the congregation by helping a guy fulfill his pledge to pray with a group of ten.
Question: I enjoy counting the Omer very much, because I relate to the self-improvement/awareness that it brings me each day. So, it’s disappointing when I miss a day . . . very much so. The entire point of the exercise is to be cleansed of my encrustatio...
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