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Shechinah ("feminine aspect" of the Divine)

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Shechinah ("feminine aspect" of the Divine): The manifestation of the divine presence in this world; G-d's feminine manifestation.
Exile of the Shechinah and descent of the soul
The feminine side of G-d, and the struggle for reunion.
We are all divine souls, princes and princesses of light, captured within the crust of human flesh. We are all my mother.
Could it be that love lies at the core of reality?
All that exists emerges out of G‑d’s desire to love and be loved. All that we do is an act within that drama. There is nothing else.
Is G-d masculine or feminine?
Judaism has been understood as the effort to reunite the feminine and masculine aspects of G-d.
The conflict between the genders, the interplay between the masculine and feminine forces of our world continues. It is a process that is evolving and that each of us can and must contribute to—by pushing our boundaries, questioning our comfort zones and ...
It is complacency, not questions, that pose a threat to Judaism. Questions propel us out of the lethargy of our comfort zones to dig deeper and discover the greater truths hidden within our eternal Torah.
Learn what kabbalah has to say on marriage, becoming one, love, and intimacy.
Kabbalah teaches that there are upper and lower spiritual aspects of femininity.
Kabbalah teaches that there are upper and lower spiritual aspects of femininity.
It’s the first word a baby learns to speak. It’s the kindest word in any language. It’s the name of G‑d.
When an individual senses pain, anguish and distress, or other deficiencies, he must realize that his condition reflects, as it were, an analogous condition in the celestial spheres.
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