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Names; Naming

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How do I choose a name? Do I need to confirm it with a rabbi or something?
My daughter was pregnant when her father-in-law passed away. Is it okay for them to name the baby after his grandfather?
The sages of the Midrash wondered the same, and here are their answers . . .
Ashkenazi Jews do not name their children after someone who is alive at the time.
I’ve heard that one should not name a baby after an individual who passed away young. Is this true? And what if that person was killed during the Holocaust?
Question: Please tell me why a Jewish name is so important. What significance does it hold? Response: Quite a lot, actually. For starters, we are told that parents are granted a minor degree of ruach hakodesh (divine inspiration) when they select names fo...
The art of baby naming
Choosing a name is a big deal. A person’s name is not a mere label; it expresses the essence of its bearer . . .
It functions as a conduit, channeling spiritual energy from G‑d into your soul and your body. That’s why a critically ill person is sometimes given an additional Hebrew name—sort of like a spiritual bypass operation.
There are four general customs regarding how to pronounce this name.
We just had a daughter, and my rabbi told us that we should name her at the first possible opportunity. Why?
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