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I've heard that some rabbis have "banned" the internet and consider it one of "Satan's tools." Obviously, however, Chabad does use the internet as a tool to serve G‑d. What does the Torah say about using this medium?
Question: Recently, we stopped watching TV on Shabbat. Now my friends are telling me that TV has no place in a Jewish home. I think it behooves a Jew to be abreast of world events, and what better source than the television? Can we really remove ourselves...
Due to the pandemic, I’m currently unable to attend service. Can I fulfill this custom by listening to the shofar over Zoom?
Can Humanoids Be Jewish?
The concept of man-made men (golems), and the question of their humanness (or lack thereof) has been discussed since Talmudic times.
Sometimes at night I like to check my e‑mails and browse the Internet. Can I use an unsecured Wi-Fi network without permission?
I am concerned that Moshiach will set up a Jewish fundamentalist system. The last thing I want is a situation where I have to wear something like a Jewish burka...
Question: I’ve recently stumbled upon a Q&A on your site that explains the reason why many Orthodox Jews write “G‑d” (with a hyphen), as opposed to “God.” I was wondering, does this rule apply across the board—whether writing by hand or typing on a co...
Question: Is pornography bad? If so could you please explain why it's bad and how it affects a person's life? Answer: Good question. Too often we just assume something is bad because everyone says it's bad, without thinking into the reasons. Everyone know...
If a social media platform promotes hateful or harmful content, it could be seen as aiding wrongdoers.
He is very protective of his privacy, but not wise enough to navigate the world of social media on his own.
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