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Globalization & the End of Work: Lesson 7
The immediate availability of products for a "market of one" is viewed as an illustration of the universality and eternality of Torah information which is applicable to every person at every time and in every place.
Globalization & the End of Work: Lesson 1
Globalization & the End of Work
You have infinite potential at your disposal, just log in...
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 15, Noach sicha 2
Understanding the Zohar's fascinating messianic prediction about a surge of wisdom and the technological revolution.
A virtual conference
Explore the timely topic of Artificial Intelligence, big data, algorithms and social media—both the challenge and the promise. Join the virtual Torah & Science Conference for four thought-provoking and spiritually uplifting sessions with leading rabbis, s...
The fascinating convergence of technology and religion, from yeshivas in Brooklyn to the traditional family Seder.
What you need to know about kids and technology
Discover what every parent should know about children and technology in the age of digital citizenship. Join Dr. Eli Shapiro for a fascinating presentation on how to deal with this rapidly evolving challenge and responsibility facing parents today.
Life Lessons from Parshat Ki-Tisa
The sin of the Golden Calf is from the greatest tragedies in Jewish history. Examining the status of gold in the Torah serves as a model for the proper approach to new discoveries in technology.
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