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Desire; Will

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Turning Challenges into Springboards
When Dorothy Smith opened the door of her apartment in Beit Shemesh, Israel and invited me in, she gave me more than a tour of her home. She gave me a peek into her past. The living room, flooded with bright sunlight, was decorated in soft pastels and nat...
And what we can do about it
If the child is in a seemingly perpetual state of defiance, parents might wonder what kind of "monster" they have created. However, that anxiety can be greatly reduced by understanding that this dynamic is natural and can be remedied very easily...
What We Can Learn from the Athletes
At times they would just wobble, catching themselves and recorrecting. Other times they flat out fell, skidding across the ice until they could stabilize. But no matter how hard the fall, the same thing would always happen. They would get right back up...
A 15 Shevat Lesson
Tu B'Shevat is the day when the sap begins to rise through the tree. In other words, we can't see the fruit yet, but we are celebrating the process of growth itself...
Does your limited perception of yourself keep you captured in place, instead of allowing you to move forward and grow into who you want to become?
I would like to think that if I mess up, G‑d eagerly awaits my return, and when I perform a mitzvah, G‑d is pleased. But this contradicts everything I was taught about G‑d...
If G-d is G-d, then obviously He is in no way altered or affected by His creations. But if a world full of people means nothing to Him, why did He create one?
If G-d is perfect, why did He create us? A perfect being isn't missing anything, so why would He need us?
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