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Perpetual Creation

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The Kabbalah of Divine energy to create everything conveyed in the letters and words of the Hebrew alphabet.
Don't miss the 50th episode of KabbalaToons, in which the secret behind all miracles is revealed! (Okay, 50 guesses what's the secret behind all miracles, starting now...)
Episode XXVI: Isifier III
Only G-d can play the game inside and out
Kabbala Toons: Episode XIII
Everything just got created right now. And now. And…
Kabbala Toons: Episode XII
What is it that isifies me?
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Lamed, part 1)
Revealing preambles on the letter Lamed and its connotations, we move onto a methodical examination of the Psalmist’s description about the Creator’s enduring words remaining firm in the heavens. Multiple Midrashic expositions flow in three directions. Fi...
The Divine Perspective
Learn this text of Tanya and you will begin to see our world very differently, through a deeper and more empowering G-dly perspective.
You will examine the notion of "constant recreation," whereby G‑d creates the universe from nothing every moment. To understand this, you will learn the key difference between human creation and divine creation.
The philosophy of G-d’s oneness (Tanya Ch. 20-21)
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 28
The first blessing of the Shema begins with the notion of forming light and creating darkness (day and night). Also described is the uniquely divine nature of creation and the need for the continuous creative force.
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