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Mind, The Human

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Take the world at face value, and it won’t let you move forward. You’ll have to bridle every impulse, carefully balance every step—and even then, for every step forward, you could fall back two. You’ll have enslaved yourself within an Egypt of your own ma...
Ki Tavo
Naomi is married to a very busy, goal-oriented individual. She often laments how due to his overloaded schedule, they rarely spend quality time with each other . . .
The Talmud tells the story of a thief who prayed to G-d for success. Is this thief a believer or not? If yes, what is he doing thieving? If not, then why pray to G-d? The answer is that he does believe, only his belief is peripheral and he has not interna...
Meditation is your means to make wisdom your own.
“And when your child will ask you...” Devarim 6:20. The Torah associates the commemoration of the Exodus from Egypt with Jewish children. This is seen from the wording of the commandment to retell and relive the story of the Exodus:Shmos 13:8. “And you sh...
A Chassidic discourse -- Chanoch Lanaar
This remarkable document is, in great measure, a treatise on education and child-rearing.
The famous Torah scholar, Rabbi Yonatan Eibeschutz, was an advisor to the king. Once, while strolling down the streets of Vienna, the king met his wise advisor and friend. After greeting each other amiably, the king asked his Jewish subject where he was g...
Once there was an adolescent camel that would pose questions to its mother incessantly, as all children naturally do. “Mother, why do we have a hump perched on our backs?” Mother replied, “My child, these humps prevent hunger and thirst as we trek through...
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