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Mind, The Human

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What are words but representations of things and concepts that G‑d Himself created? Any words we use—even words like “infinite” and “ultimate abstraction”—are meaningful only in the context of our logic, and as such, utterly meaningless when applied to G‑...
The Jewish obsession with arguments
How can we rely on these rabbis if they can’t even agree with one another?
Judaism is beautiful, no question about it. But is it true? I would like to believe so. But I will not believe for belief's sake...
Question: I've always had a problem with faith. I try to go to shul. I learn Torah. But after a while, I always get depressed because I just lose my faith that this is all real. I desperately try to regain my faith all the time but to no avail. Please hel...
How does our site score on answers and dialogue?
You think that wisdom flows in one direction only. The supplicant asks, and the rabbi answers.
At times my mind wanders off and I imagine myself committing crimes. I’ve always felt that there is nothing wrong with these thoughts because I do not actually follow through and commit the crime. What do you think?
My doctor recommended that I take up some type of meditation, mentioning “mindfulness” as one option. Are there Jewish meditation techniques I could use?
When children ask, "Where is G‑d? Why can't we see G‑d? What is a soul? What does G‑d want us to do?" we can tell them that these kinds of questions are actually coming from a place that is connected to G‑d...
Finding age-appropriate responsibilities
What responsibilities are appropriate for your child's age? Each child is unique. Remember, "educate a child according to his way"
How can we encourage kids to think, explore and experiment?
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