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Mind, The Human

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Can the material brain come to life without a metaphysical soul?
There are scientists who believe that the mind is wholly material. But this position leaves many important neurological questions unanswered. Scientific and religious arguments both indicate that mind, soul and life in general, are likely irreducible to a...
Chabad is an acronym for chochmah, binah and daat, which are commonly translated as wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Learn the mystical meaning of these three intellectual soul powers.
Discover the power of your mind and thoughts to determine your own positive reality. Internalizing the essence of Divine Providence leads to a happier disposition in knowing that Hashem has your back.
How we can access the source of life (Tanya ch.52)
Discover how infinity sneaks into the finite world.
As the soul fills the body, G-d fills the world (Tanya Ch. 51)
You may have wondered, if G-d is everywhere, what does it mean to be distant or close to G-d? Here’s a clue: when you hurt your toe, where does it hurt, in your toe or in your mind?
Are you ready for an entirely different year?
Rabbi Steinsaltz delves into the relationship between the mind and the body. He compares it to the relationship between a fiddler and a fiddle. Arguing that the brain is the mechanical "vehicle" that does the thinking associated with the mind, suggesting ...
Spiritual Development: Lesson 2
Our mind is our most powerful tool. Our thoughts propel us in a certain direction. Choose to dwell on positive thoughts.
Focused Intentions
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman provides a first entry into authentic and practical Jewish meditation. Taking us step by step through the words of the first morning prayer, providing imagery and concepts for mindful focus.
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