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Speech; Communication

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Artist’s Statement: The chassidic Jews of Eastern Europe loved to tell stories. Many anecdotes about their rebbes (rabbis, or spiritual leaders) contained profound spiritual, allegorical and philosophical truths, hidden in layers of simple folk tales. A g...
Artist’s Statement: Most often used when offering congratulations or wishing good luck, “Mazal Tov” has a deeper message. Mazal means an “alignment of stars.” Each of us is born under an astrological field. Mazal determines personality, circumstances and ...
By Esther Rosen
Artist’s Statement: The holy letters of the Alef-Bet. A colorful interpretation.
By Yitzchok Moully
Artist's Statement: The Torah and its letters come alive when studied. We may not see it, but when studied with intent they come to life, filling our world with light and color that G-d and our soul drink in.
Artist’s Statement: According to one midrash, when G-d gave the Ten Commandments, the people only heard the the first letter of the first word (Aleph). They were so overwhelmed by the awesome moment that everything broke into a swirl of colors.
Artist’s Statement: Gate, way out, extraction, exteriority, the communication.
Artist’s Statement: Abundance, greatness, highness, surplus, materiality.
Artist’s Statement: The Hebrew letter Yud represents the quality of wisdom and light that exists within every single form and manifestation of life. When you say that you are looking for the Yud in something, it means that you are looking for the innermos...
Artist’s Statement: Duality in world creation; first letter of the Torah; construction.
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