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Speech; Communication

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The weekly reading that speaks of Noach, as interpreted in Chassidus, contains several psychological insights which are highly relevant today. As we all know, the best psychology is found in the Torah (because HaShem is the best psychologist; as the Torah...
Suddenly the world convulses. Upheaval. Writhing. A crushing, staccato pounding. One brother disappears into the turmoil. The second brother bewails the tragedy--the death of a perfectly fine fellow. Why didn't he take better care? Why did he fall into th...
Rabbi Mendel went to his window and sniffed the air. "No," he said, "unfortunately, the redeemer has not yet arrived"
Two lost souls, a wealthy businessman and his coachman, arrived in a city one Friday afternoon . . .
In search for truth, we must bend just a drop
The story is told of how the Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom DovBer, was shown three paintings.
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