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Speech; Communication

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One of my responsibilities at Chabad.org includes approving reader comments. Yup, you know when you post at the end of an article? Well, an actual person has to read that comment, see if it meets our posting guidelines, make edits if necessary, and push “...
One little dude throwing words at another little dude.
Only once we are free can we speak. Slaves do not speak. They don’t have a voice. And even if they do, they will not be heard . . .
Both husbands and wives can ask each other to change some aspect of their behavior in order to bring about improvement. This is not the same as trying to control one’s partner...
It's not about "fixing" but "accepting"
When we really listen and acknowledge another person’s pain, resentment or inner conflict, we give them a chance to talk more about what’s troubling them. The more they express, the more relief they’ll feel and the more clarity they’ll gain...
Keeping Communication Safe in Marriage
My heart skipped a beat as I grasped that this child had already internalized a harsh reality, i.e. "To feel is to fail." To be a "man" means to be tough, in full control of one's emotions and immunized against fear, pain and sadness.
How to respond to rage
When a spouse expresses anger, a peace-seeker can learn not to catch the emotion. An excellent strategy is to respond to someone's rage with sincere interest and curiosity...
No one likes being criticized, blamed, or belittled for their behavior, especially in marriage, where close daily contact necessitates a high level of sensitivity and understanding.
Does Torah endorse the basic communist philosophy: instead of dealing with an issue, deny its existence—and then silence anyone who dares to suggest that the problem exists?
I am able to write what I wouldn’t have the patience to say. I definitely believe that when we least feel like saying “I love you” is exactly when it needs to be heard the most...
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